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The PC-SAFT model is a simple engineering-like equation of state. However writing a computer code for the calculation of thermodynamic properties from PC-SAFT will still consume some time. This site provides the essential subroutines required for the computation of thermodynamic properties from the PC-SAFT equation of state. The subroutines are written in standard FORTRAN 77.

We offer two download-options:

  • Download of a very simple stand-alone program ('stand-alone.f'), which performes phase equilibrium calculations for binary mixtures. This program is a student-version, given as a FORTRAN code.
  • Download of subroutines (PC-SAFT-PROP.f) for calculation of thermodynamic properties from the PC-SAFT equation of state. The file PC-SAFT-PROP is not a stand-alone program. We use a commercial tool for our phase equilibrium calculations, which we may not distribute freely. However if you have a program that performs such calculations, the download-able file may be applied therein.

Prerequisites for the download option:

  • There are no prerequisites. The file 'stand-alone' comes with a 'readme.txt' file, which gives two examles of how an input for the program may look like. If you choose to download the stand-alone version, you will obtain a self-extracting file, which contains  the FORTRAN source code and a 'readme'-file. You can download these files now.
  • The rest of this page is concered with those users, who intend to apply the PC-SAFT equation of state within their own tool for phase equilibrium calculations. Accordingly, the download of PC-SAFT-PROP is particularly interesting for those, who have a program that performs phase equilibrium calculations with any equation of state and who now want to make use of the new PC-SAFT model. A successful implementation of the PC-SAFT-PROP subroutines presumes, that you have some experience with FORTRAN 77. The subroutines of PC-SAFT-PROP may also serve as a starting point for those, who do not have a program for phase equilibrium calculations. Such a program can best be started, when the program-core is given and only the control units have to be dealt with. For further information on PC-SAFT-PROP see here.



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