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M. Sc. Nicolás Gajardo

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Fakultät Bio- und Chemieingenieurwesen
Emil-Figge-Str. 70
44227 Dortmund

Raum G2-516

Cosolvent and substrate influence in enzymatic catalyzed reactions for production of fine chemicals


Industrial production via biocatalytic routes is increasingly attractive for high-value chemical synthesis, and it covers a wide range of applications [1]. Specifically, enzyme-catalyzed reactions are commonly used in the fine-chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, and decontamination processes. The target now is to get enzyme-catalyzed reactions of high-value chemicals running closer to commercially viable industrial conditions [2]. The oxidation reaction of the formate anion catalyzed by formate dehydrogenase (Fig. 1) is especially interesting as a model for pressure-induced switchable reaction systems for either NADH production (required for fine chemical production) or for CO2 conversion.


Figure 1: Formate dehydrogenase (pdb: 5DN9, + NAD+ in blue) reaction of NAD+ and formate forming the products CO2 and NADH.


In this project, different parameters of the reactions such as enzyme, pressure, pH, temperature, or the addition of co-solvents will be studied to improve the reaction rates and, therefore, the operability and space-time yield of the reactions. Besides, ePC-SAFT will be used for the prediction of thermodynamic and kinetic parameters that describe the reaction, which leads to a reduction in the experimental effort [3]. Finally, it is planned to optimize the up- and downstream processing of a potential process involving CO2 as a substrate.



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