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Bioreactions and Biothermodynamics

The group focuses on thermodynamics of biomolecule solutions. The biomolecules of interest are low-molecular weight components like sugar (and sugar derivates), amino acids and peptides, osmolytes, and electrolytes or ionic liquids. Besides, also larger molecules (polycarbonates and proteins) are considered. The physico-chemical properties, phase behaviors, and reaction equilibria are investigated in detail. Experimental data is measured where not available in literature. These data are modeled via equations of state in order to simultaneously describe phase and reaction equilibria. Moreover, modeling allows for predicting the influence of additives (e.g. salts, buffer, pH, cofactors, enzymes) on the phase and reaction equilibria.

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Current Research Projects in the group:


Glycolysis: Thermodynamics and predictions of metabolic pathways

Aim of this work is to thermodynamically describe single reaction steps of the glycolysis metabolic pathway for which current works fail to explain its occurrence.


Solubility of ionic and molecular precursors

Aim of this work is to predict solubility of electrolytes in organic and aqueous reactive medium with thermodynamic models and the validation with experimental data. Special focus is on the replacement of organic solvents towards ionic liquids for room temperature synthesis.


Solubility of amino acids and peptides in aqueous solution


Aim of this work is to predict solubility of amino acids and peptides in water and in water+organic solvent mixtures and the validation with experimental data


Influence of high pressure and solutes on thermodynamic properties and reaction kinetics in biological systems


In this project the influence of high pressure and solutes on thermodynamic properties of biological systems is investigated. Furthermore, pressure and solute influence on kinetics of chemical and biochemical reactions are investigated.


Co-solute and co-solvent influence on the reaction equilibria of enzymatic catalyzed reactions


This work is focused on the prediction of co-solvents and co-solute effects on the reaction equilibria and Michaelis constants of enzyme-catalyzed reactions.


Completed Research Projects in the group:


Equilibrium of enzyme-catalyzed reactions and enzyme stability under influence of ionic liquids


Thermodynamics of enzyme-catalyzed reactions in organic media


Thermodynamics of fundamental body-relevant bioreactions


Influence of electrolytes on liquid-liquid-equilibria in extraction processes


Thermodynamics of biological reactions




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