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Perturbed-Chain Statistical Associating Fluid Theory equation of state

The Perturbed Chain SAFT model is a state-of-the-art, engineering-like equation of state. It is designed for modelling mixtures of all types of substances: gases, solvents and polymers.

Perturbed-Chain SAFT is suitable for the calculation of phase equilibria and thermophysical properties of pure components and mixtures. It has been tested against experimental data for numerous systems and found to give excellent results. When compared to other equations of state, we find Perturbed-Chain SAFT to be more precise for correlation of experimental data and more predictive when applied to mixtures. It is very reliable for extrapolations over the regions where parameters were fitted.


  • The PC-SAFT equation of state is available in the AspenTech Software.
  • The PC-SAFT equation of state is implemented in the VLXE software package
  • PC-SAFT is available in the windows program PE ( = Phase Equlibria ) developed at the Tech. University Hamburg-Harburg. Please contact TU Hamburg-Harburg.
  • A FORTRAN source code is available from this site.

This site provides you with examples - demonstrating the wide range of applicability of the Perturbed-Chain SAFT equation of state. You have the option to download the equation of state. The strong physical background of the Perturbed-Chain SAFT equation of state will be represented in the theory-pages. The model requires three pure component parameters, each of which has a clear physical interpretation.

For more information please contact Prof. Dr. G. Sadowski.



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